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Sound Doctrine Matters 11- Revelation, Interpretation and Application of Scripture ( Apostle Edwin K.Otabil).

Examining Popular Preaching in the light of Sound Doctrine.


Titus 2: 1 ” But as for you, speak things which are proper for Sound Doctrine.”


  1. Praying for enemies ( witches, demons etc) to die so you can succeed and prosper in life.


  1. Even though we are engaged in spiritual warfare with unseen forces, we must have a Revelation of satan’s defeat and the dismantling of all forces of darkness by Jesus on the cross. Jesus took on satan and his demons on the cross and left them permanently defeated for the Believer to stand in victory over them. ( Ephesians 6: 10-18, Colossians 2: 13-15, Hebrews 2: 14-18).


  1. Because of the exploits of Jesus on the cross, the Believer holds Permanent victory over satan, witches, wizards and the enemies of the Believer. By invoking the Blood of Jesus with the Testimony of Scripture, no Believer will ever suffer defeat in the spiritual warfare against spiritual forces. The Believer is more than a Conqueror going in and coming out. ( Rev.12: 7-11, Romans 8: 31-39)


  1. Your Prosperity and Success in life does not depend on the absence of satan or death of your enemies. God Prepares your table in the Presence of your enemies. Your Success and Prosperity in life depends on the seeds ( actions, thoughts and words that are in line with God’s word) you are sowing which will become the harvest you will be reaping. Sowing the wrong seeds will give you the wrong harvest. Sowing the right seeds will give you the right harvest. ( Psalm 23: 5-6, Galatians 6: 6-10). Good Planning, wise counsel , dealing in truth and faithfulness, maximizing your potential will make you Prosper and be Successful in the presence of all your enemies. ( not in their absence. )


  1. Don’t spend all your focus on your enemies in Prayer. Focus on your spiritual Growth and Maturity in Prayer which guarantees your Prosperity and Success in life. Learn the Prayer Paul Prays for the Believers in the Epistles. All is for their spiritual growth and none is against their enemies. Your spiritual Growth and Maturity enables you to master all your enemies and guarantee your success and prosperity in life. ( Ephesians 1: 15-23, Colossians 1:9-18, Galatians 4: 1-7).


  1. None of satan and his demons will die by fire. They are here until they are cast into the lake of fire. Let’s not waste our time on this exercise in futility which is inspired by ignorance. Get a Revelation of satan’s defeat and Jesus triumph and invoke the Blood of Jesus and the Testimony of Scripture and you will never suffer defeat in any spiritual battle.


  1. Do you need a Prophet to Profit in life? Do you need Prophetic directions to succeed in life? Do you need a Prophet for your Protection in life?


  1. We believe in the operation of the Prophetic according to the Scriptures in 1 Cor.12 and Ephesians 4: 7-16 and 1 Cor.14. But much of the Prophetic today has gone beyond the limits of Scripture and has become a Problem.


  1. The operation of the Prophetic in the Old Testament is different from the New Testament. In the Old Testament, the Prophet was dealing with a People who were spiritually dead and carnal so the Prophet had to see for them and hear for them. The People depended on the Prophet for their relationship with God. The New Testament Prophet is different. He is dealing mostly with People who are a New Creation in Christ and have the Holy Spirit to lead them in everything and have the infallible Scriptures of God to guide them. So the New Testament Prophet serves more to confirm what the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures are saying to the Believer. ( 1 Cor. 14: 3). The New Testament Prophet employs the word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discerning of spirits to operate but all his operations are subject to the Scriptures.


  1. The Believer depends on the Holy Spirit and Scripture for guidance and daily living and not on the Prophet. Any attempt by the Prophet to replace the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures in the Believer’s life will end in disaster because it is contrary to Scripture. ( Romans 8: 14, 1 John 4: 1-6).


  1. It is not a New Testament Pattern for Believers to consult a Prophet for Prophetic directions. This was the norm in the Old Testament because the People did not have the Holy Spirit and only the Prophet was anointed. In the New Testament, the Prophet together with the other 4 Ministry Gifts have a function to equip People to do the work of the Ministry. ( Ephesians 4: 7-16) The People must be taught to receive Holy Spirit directions and not Prophetic directions. It is important to weigh every Prophetic direction to make sure it complies with Scripture. Because the Scripture is a more sure Prophetic Word, we check everything with it.( 2 Peter 1: 16-21)


  1. Our attitude must be not to despise Prophecy but to carefully examine Prophecy and test the spirits and accept what is right and reject what is wrong.

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