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Bright 2022 Campaign: Shifting People from the Christian Religion to the Christian Faith 2- Apostle Edwin K.Otabil

  1. John1: 14-18- When God opens the Floodgate, it presents to us a unique opportunity for People to shift from the Christian Religion to the Christian Faith whose Author and Finisher is Jesus Christ. We need to take our Place in the Bright 2022 Campaign and take our Portion of the fullness of Jesus Christ as God opens the Floodgate for the fullness of Christ to reach us.


  1. Luke 18: 1-8- If the Son of Man returns to earth, will He find People Possessing the Christian Faith that He left them or He will find People Practicing the Christian Religion that He does not Recognize. This is why we do whatever it takes to shift from the Christian Religion to the Christian Faith whose Author and Finisher is Jesus Christ.


  1. The First Essential Doctrine of the Christian Faith is: Who is the God of the Bible? What is the nature of God? Because we relate with God in a Personal way, it is absolutely important to know what manner of God that you serve. Daniel 11: 32 says the People who know their God will do exploits. Sadly, many Christians don’t know who their God is and they assume other gods of other Religions as gods. We will let the Bible reveal God to us. Whiles it is generally assumed in other cultures and other Religions that God is a Divine Being, the God of the Bible has set Himself apart by evidence that He is the True and Living God. ( Romans 1: NH 16-32)


  1. What does the Bible reveal about the nature of God? Let’s start from Genesis 1: 1-31. From this Scripture, we learn:
  2. God exists in the beginning before creation and created everything.
  3. God is the Supreme Being with no beginning and no end.
  4. God is the Creator of everything and the initiator of Blessings.
  5. God is not a Single One but a Plural One. “Let us make man in our own image after our likeness.
  6. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God is Present and takes part in creation.
  7. The Word of God is Present in the beginning and takes part in creation. ( John 1: 1-18)
  8. The man in God’s image and likeness is spirit, soul and body. ( 1 Thessalonians 5: 23)
  9. God is in the company of the Word and the Holy Spirit.
  10. The Bible reveals One God existing in three Persons who are distinct and united.


  1. We will go further to Explore the nature of God from other parts of Scripture and remember the Scripture is in harmony with every part. Stay tuned.

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