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                                                   BY: General Apostle Edwin K. Otabil.

          The God of all Grace has brought us into the most exciting time of our lives to speak Grace, for  God’s hand to rest on our lives and minister to us in a way we have never seen before.( 1 Peter 5:6-11).  What is Grace? It is God favoring you because Jesus died for you, rose from the dead for you, and lives to intercede for you. When a person receives Grace from God, it is because they placed themselves under the mighty hand of God. Grace is the main factor in changing the course of our life from ashes to beauty, from failure to success and from personal life to Luxury Life. Because God only looks to what Jesus has done for you in favoring you, you cannot take any credit for Grace. The Glory of Grace is the Lord’s , hundred percent of the time. Jesus is the reason for Grace.

           When God gives a people the unction and utterance to speak Grace, they become a peculiar people. When they speak Grace, it attracts the Hand of God to rest on their lives to work miracles for them. In Psalm 81:10, when God brought His people from bondage in Egypt the first instruction was for them to open their mouth for God to fill it with the Word of Grace so they can speak Grace. But they refused and continued to speak unbelief and doubt which brought calamity to them. God wanted them to be a peculiar people who will speak Grace and see the Hand of God at work. They missed their time to speak Grace, but we must not miss our time to speak Grace!

           In Zechariah4:6-7, the Word of God came to Zerubbabel instructing him to speak Grace to his mountain for the mountain to become a plain. God is raising us up as the Zerubbabel of our time to speak Grace to the many mountains of problems standing before us today, and make them a plain of miracles for God’s Glory. When we rise up in Jesus name and boldly speak Grace to every mountain, the mountain will become a plain. When we speak Grace to the giants of our life, the giants will fall. The effect of speaking Grace is the Hand of God coming to rest on situations. No human situation is a match for the hand of God. The Hand of wins every battle, defeats every enemy, heals every sickness, ministers to every need and elevates people to high places. In other words, the Hand of God is the believer’s greatest asset and most effective tool. The Hand of God on you makes you a man and a woman of God who will work the works of God in Jesus name.

            God is giving you a chance to change the course of your life this year, by giving you the unction and utterance to speak Grace to activate the Hand of God on your behalf. Israel as a people refused to open their mouth for God fill their mouth with the word of Grace. Zerubbabel placed his life under the mighty hand of God and spoke Grace to make his mountain a plain. Now is our turn to speak in Jesus name, will we speak Grace or will we speak fear. As for me and my house and my church, we shall speak Grace to everything we face and the Hand of God will work wonders for us in Jesus Name.

                I pray for the God all Grace to give you the unction and utterance to speak Grace, Grace and more Grace every day and see the Hand of God at work.

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